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      1. 按字母索引詞條: A  B  C  D  E  F  G  H  I  J  K  L  M  N  O  P  Q  R  S  T  U  V  W  X  Y  Z 
        安達模式:Anda model
        安保危機:security crisis
        案卷筆錄:files and notes
        愛的話語:love's words
        奧運傳播:Olympic communication
        愛民思想:love for people
        愛情之愛:passion for love
        安培環路:Ampere ring road
        安全利益:security interests
        安時處順:handling matters or events properly by arranging suitable time
        案件管轄:case governing
        按需報告:customized financial report
        按值論價:Pricing by Value
        按質論價:Pricing by Quality
        奧運儀式:Olympic ritual
        案件受理:Accepting and Hearing Cases
        案件分析:an analysis of a case
        奧運意識:Olympic consciousness
        安定有序:harmonious society
        愛的隱退:concealed love
        阿爾泰語:Altatic languages
        愛心服務:love service
        愛欲小說:love story
        愛撫管理:Management of benevolence
        愛情特征:characteristic of love
        安陽殷墟:the Shang Dynasty's ruins in Anyang
        案例思考:thought of a case
        安源路礦:Anyuan railroad and mines
        案例敘事:case narration
        案件要素:case essentials
        愛情傷逝:love's vanish
        愛有差等:the differentiation of love
        曖昧表達:ambiguous and vague expressions
        愛情問題:love issues
        安徽電大:Anhui TV University
        澳門葡商:Portugal Businessman in Macao
        安南之役:the War between Qing Dynasty and Annam
        奧國文學:Austrian literature
        安寧生活:a safe and peaceful life
        安慰技巧:the art of comfort
        艾賓浩斯:Hermann Ebbinghaus
        安全局勢:safe situation
        愛的天堂:paradise of love
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