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      1. 當前類別:食品英語
        總糖:total saccharide
        紫蘇天婦羅:Deep Fried Vegetables
        子羅炒雞片:Ginger & Pineapple Chicken
        柱侯牛腩煲:Stew Beef Basket
        主料:Main substrate
        竹笙燴生翅:Bamboo Shark Fin Soup
        竹笙海皇羹:Bamboo Seafood Soup
        竹莢魚塊壽司:Scad Shusi
        豬肉凍子:Pork Jelly
        諸諸滑雞煲:Chicken Clay Pot
        中法雙松:Chicken Liver and Soybean Pancake Shreds with France Sauce
        植物性食品:Plant food
        芝士h蟹蓋:Stuffed Crab with Cheese Powder
        支竹羊腩煲:Dry Tofu Lamb Clay Pot
        蒸山水豆腐:Steamed Tofu
        蒸雞蛋肉卷:Steamed Egg and Pork Roll
        招牌炒面:House Chow Mein
        炸菜牛肉:Pickled with Beef
        糟漬:cured or pickled with germented grains
        雜錦云吞湯:Combination Won Ton Soup
        雜菜雞球:Chicken w/ Mixed Vegetable
        云呢拿忌廉布甸:Freezen Cream
        原料預處理:feed pretreatment
        原料清理:raw material handling (raw material cleaning)
        鴛鴦饅頭:Shanghai Buns (12)
        預包裝食品:Prepackaged foods
        魚卵小壽:Fried Bean Sprout with Preserved Vegetable
        魚炒香菇:Fried Mushrooms with Anchovy
        有效碳水化合物:effective carbohydrate
        油泡蝦:Crystal Prawns
        油爆脊丁:Fried Fillet Dices
        油爆大蝦:Fried Prawns
        營養強化:nutrient enrichment
        櫻桃肉(韓國):Braised Pork with Cherry Juice
        嬰幼兒食品:infant food
        飲料酒:alcoholic beverage
        意大利細面條:Italic Narrow Noodle
        野味清湯酥皮:Clear Soup with Crisp Skin
        椰汁西米露:Coconut Tapioca
        椰汁燉雪哈:Coconut Bird Nest
        腰果雞球:Cashew Chicken
        腰果雞:Cashew Nuts Chicken
        楊州炒飯:Yang Chow Fried Rice
        鹽水毛蟹:Boiled Hairy Crab with Salted Water
        鹽水菜心:Salt Green Tender
        腌制品:salted vegetable
        腌制保藏:curing preservation (preserved by curing process)