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      1. 當前類別:會計英語
        做自營:as principal
        做工精細:fine workmanship
        做工講究:exquisite (in) workmanship
        做代理:as agent
        坐盤:Take position
        坐禪:metta or transcendental meditation
        作成會計帳;有往來帳項:to make out an account with
        左右為難:between the devil and the deep blue sea;between the rock and the hard place
        遵紀守法、廉潔奉公:observe the relevant code of conduct and the law and honestly perform one's official duties
        罪責自負原則:principal of bearing responsibility solely for one's own crime
        罪刑相適應原則:principle of suiting punishment to crime
        罪刑法定原則:the principle of a legally prescribed punishment for a specified crime
        最終市場協會:TMA Terminal Market Association
        最終使用:final utilization
        最終實現人民幣的自由兌換:the free convertibility of the RMB will evenly be instituted the RMB will finally become a convertible currency
        最終借款人:ultimate borrower
        最終價值;電視:TV terminal value;television
        最終購買者:ultimate purchaser
        最早可能日期:EPD earliest possible date
        最優配置:optimal allocation
        最新新聞:hot news
        最新工工藝:latest technology
        最小平方回歸法:least square regression method
        最小平方法:least squares method
        最末期大筆還清:Balloon payment
        最佳投資組合:optimum portfolio
        最佳股票:prime paper
        最佳方法規定:best method rule
        最后時限:DLD deadline date
        最后結算:FS final settlement
        最后貸款人:lender of last resort
        最后裁決書:final award
        最好的價值:best value
        最高人民檢察院:the Supreme People's Procuratorate
        最高人民法院:Supreme People's Court
        最底訂貨量:EOQ economic order quantity
        最低資本額制度:The institution of minimum amount of the registered capital
        最低值、最小量:min minimum
        最低現金持有量(需求):minimum cash requirements
        最低生活保證制度:system for ensuring a minimum standard of living
        最低工資保障制度:minimum wage guarantee system
        最低貸款利率:minimum leading rate(MLR)
        最低報價:lowest offer
        最低保證金,維持保證金:maintenance margin
        最大跌幅:Maximum Drawdown
        最大500家企業:Top 500 enterprises
        最初談判權(初談權):INRs (Initial Negotiating Rights)
        最誠信的:Uberrimae fidei of the utmost good faith
        最不發達國家:least developed country